We offer the full spectrum of insurance solutions, as well as a suite of financial services.
SAKRADO is a dynamic company, providing diversified insurance solutions ranging from personal and commercial short-term insurance, long-term insurance, investments, medical aid and offerings within the niche markets for aviation, marine, real estate and agriculture.
Our head office is located in the town of George, South Africa and are suitably located to reach any destination required. SAKRADO has built an impressive team of highly qualified and skilled individuals whose main objective is to meet our clients every need wherever and whenever our services are required.
The company’s foundation and roots are derived from skills and expertise accumulated from a number of different industries including the insurance industry, real estate, infrastructure, crypto trading and aviation, comprising of more than 30 plus years of combined experience.


SAKRADO offers services to cater for the unique requirements of each client. We take pride in assisting our clients to find the best coverage at the right price which align with their needs and expectations. SAKRADO is associated with the leading insurers to ensure that the products offered are of premium quality and value. Our service is about client communication to ensure maximum satisfaction at all times, from initial contact right through to claims settlement.
Together with our short-term insurance offering, we offer medical aid solutions, long-term insurance and investment products which will complete our full house of service offerings. The broad service and product offering encourages our clients to consolidate their insurance portfolios to ensure peace of mind that all their requirements are handled under one roof with extreme efficiency, communication and superior service levels.
SAKRADO is constantly looking to develop and grow their product offering, which in turn will increase client value and opportunity. Our business will adapt according to the demand for certain products and ensure that the offering presented to clients, continue to meet the needs of the ever-changing insurance industry. SAKRADO aims to be the leader within the insurance industry and therefore we aim to be ahead of the competition in every aspect. In order to achieve this, close attention will be paid to trends and demands which will allow our business to predict future client requirements and develop new products accordingly.
At SAKRADO you are not a client, you are a Stakeholder, and we serve your interest today, tomorrow and beyond!


SAKRADO provides products and services to cover all personal and commercial short-term insurance.


There are a range of insurance products that provide you either with an income in the long term insurance.


Placing money into investments such as shares, funds and property to deliver future returns.


Our medical aid specialists identify the scheme which suit your needs and requirements best.